About Us

Teachers have 3 loves: love of learning, love of learners, and the love of bringing the first two loves together. With this thought, Mr. Amir Hassan started his career in teaching in the year 2006 with 1 home tuition. Soon he became a well-known name in the locality with students and parents expressing love for his easy mechanism of teaching and methods to get work done from the students. Little did he know that these teaching skills and Philanthropy would grow to such heights that he would lay the foundation of an institution that became a gem in the history of educational institutions. Soon formal formation of Amir Commerce Classes took place in 2011 which is dedicated to serving students of 9th to 12th standard of CBSE, ICSE, and IB Boards and also B.Com, B.Com.(H), BBA, MBA, UGC-NET Commerce, and other commerce-related subjects. History was created in the year 2017 when 21 out of 24 students who sat for 12th standard boards secured equal to and above 90%. And the same history was created when 1 of the students of Amir Commerce Classes got 100% in Mathematics 10th standard. With disciplined work ethics, determination, and improving results, Mr. Amir Hassan decided to expand by running coaching classes.

Mr. Amir Hassan believes in the visionary approach to the all-around development of students is important in today’s competitive world. He implements it by organising various motivational and extra curriculum activities throughout the year. He is a firm believer that dynamic modernisation changes are a necessity for all-around development and not be rigid on old methodologies. From a small start of 1 student, we are now a strong formidable institute nurturing excellence in multiples

students with each passing year. Our focus is more than grades, we strongly believe in providing a base where there is a creation of a strong conceptual base that will nurture students for lifetime excellence.